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Monday, Jun 01, 2015

Upgrades That Hold Their Values

  Do you have a renovation project in mind – and wonder how much value it will add to your home? Remodeling Magazine recently did a study of renovation projects, comparing costs to added value. Here are some of the results:   Replacing a main entry door has a return on investment of over 95%. After all, the entrance to a home is one of the first things a prospective buyer notice ...

Monday, Jun 01, 2015

Will the neighbourhood go up in value?

  When you purchase a home, you’re hoping it will continually go up in value — just like a good investment.   However, there’s something else that you want to see go up in value as well: the neighbourhood. In fact, the neighbourhood plays a key role in what the home will be worth in years to come. If the neighbourhood goes down in terms of desirability, so will the m ...

Monday, Jun 01, 2015

Should You Sell First and Buy Later? Or Vice-Versa?

 When you’re thinking of selling your home and buying another, you face the inevitable question: Should I list my property first or buy my new home first?     Let’s take a look at both options.   If you attempt to buy a property before listing your home, you run into a couple of challenges.   First, sellers may not take you seriously as a potential buyer ...

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